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From now on I'll be posting at my new account [info]neonfawns .

Interested in following me?  Head on over there and comment on the public entry where you found me.  I'm always looking for new friends and I don't discriminate!

I use my journal for recording my writing, daily musings, pictures, music, photography, and venting, and I usually post on average once or twice a day.  

Want to know a little more about me?
I'm 19 years old and starting my life as my own - exciting but scary!  I have survived many things in my life, including a life on the streets addicted to drugs; and rape.  I live in Canada, land of bears and shitty music, but the people make up for it.  My current goal is to become a SuicideGirl.  Despite my "bad girl" image and extreme interest in alternative culture and body modification, I have training as an opera singer, ballerina, cellist and pianist - but I am fairly candid and straightforward; AKA a bitch.  I fill my journals non-stop with pictures and videos; I smoke weed; and strongly support the legalization of marijuana.  I do not believe in god or a higher power; but I believe in "heaven" though my interpretation is quite different than what is said in the bible or imagined by 5 year oldsI'm a firm believer in spirits or "ghosts" and I'm interested in anything paranormal, particularly psychics and mediums. 
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...But seriously, add me.  I love new friends.